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My first entry

Wooo..hey girlies...its my first entry.meh.lol.Ummm lemme see....i guess an short but sweet guy update wud be good.
  At the mo. im seeing a guy called Hunt,now by terms where i come from,seeing implies that i can go with other people...which is what ive been doing.HE's buying me a christmass pressie and everything though so im feeling a little bit guilty.Then theres this guy called Matt,he's kinda just a fuck buddy...i aint a slut...just at this moment in time im having to go 2 two places for one service(i.e a fully satisfying relationship).
  I like both these guys for different reasons.Hunt admires me,big style,he tells me how beautifull i am,how lucky he is etc,a little bit cheese,but cos my past 2 relationships have been so shakey...ive welcomed it.Matt is just sex,good looks and sex...what can i say? lust comes into relationships for me.On one hand i feel SOOOO guilty for playing them cos their both sweet,on the other i hand im feeling proud of myself,cos ive had such a shite time with guys.Lol
 Ummmm wat else can i say! lol...judging on that u may think im a slut...i aint honest :D.lol.
  Oooo new years eve clothing dilemma,the mini skirt apears to be back in,but im still leaning towards my usual tight trousers and skimpy top.so is it that or a mini skirt and a less revealing top(doing skimpy on both halves looks munt on me!)
  so help with that and my boi dilemma! cheers!

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