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age isn't just a number.

hello ladies. alright i have a question for everyone. okay i just got this new job and on my second day i met this really cute guy. his name is nate. he seems very reserved and really didn't talk much but it interested me. like kinda of a hard to get type of way. well we were talkin and i asked him his age...figurin he was only 19 or so and come to find out he's 24(will be this month). i'll be 17 in a month so that means a 7 year age difference. which sucks. im really starting to like him. do u think i should lay off. i don't know if he would look at me like a lil' kid or not. i don't know if im likin' him b/c he's like my forbidden fruit- i htink thats just a bonus. i tend to like guyz i can't have. i guess it gives me a safety of not getting to hurt. and say he did start liking me-wouldnt that put him in a bad place. people would look down on him right?! i don't know. he's really sweet and i would love to take things further. but i don't know if it's worth it. i've always been interested in older guyz but he is the oldest. should i wait a year. would 18 make a difference? i have a friend who is actually in the same situation but she's actually dating her boi. she is 17 and he is 23. they've been dating for 9 months. PLEASE comment and tell me ur opinion.
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